3035 rue Ste-Catherine Est,
Montréal (Québec) H1W 3X6

About Us

Bernard & fils
a story of family, food and trust

We have been in business for over 100 years now, and we continue to evolve today. We wish to keep growing and in order to do so, we bear in mind several factors that allow us to grow while preserving our integrity and our values: innovation, the environment, our community and our history.

Our Values


To us, respect is essential in the way we treat employees, the relationships among colleagues, and the way we do business with our clients (and vice versa) and suppliers.


Since the very beginning, the collaboration at the heart of our company has been an integral part of our core values. That’s what has allowed our company to thrive for over 100 years.


We ensure quality in everything from our choice of ingredients to our customer service to the consistency in the products and services you receive, and the events that we create.


As an honest company, and in order to deliver the highest quality, we respect our strengths and our limitations. And in order to be as honest as possible, we ask our employees to do the same internally.

Our Facilities

In 2018, we moved into a new ultramodern building in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. With our expanding team, we had to find a more spacious location better adapted to our needs. The best option was to build our own facilities, which would reflect the company’s values and mission; it would be environmentally friendly, created in the spirit of collaboration, designed to last and conceived with respect for the company’s image. In just four months, our new building was established, and is home to our kitchens, our delivery fleet, and our administrative offices.

Environment & Community

Among our core values is that of respect. It is part of our everyday lives; we respect our peers, our clients and our suppliers, but also our environment and our community. To do so, we aim to collaborate in community development and to redefine our ways of thinking in order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Some of our actions include:

  • Construction of a new building according to the LEED and HACCP principles;
  • A plug-in, solar-powered refrigerated truck;
  • Refrigerated production area;
  • Refrigerated compost room;
  • Plantation of 253 shrubs and 9 trees on our lot;
  • Rainwater retention basin;
  • Organic garden in the backyard;
  • Low-energy smart dry steam cooking appliances;
  • Use of local suppliers and short distribution circuits whenever possible;
  • Use of ZERO waste eco-friendly hot plates (no water, gas, or electricity);
  • BioGo eco-friendly utensils and meal trays (made in Quebec from potato starch or bagasse);
  • Member of La Tablée des Chefs;
  • Participation in several social reintegration and community aid programs;
  • Backed by cooking training and diplomas.

Our History

Bernard et fils was born from a long and passionate family history. The passion for entrepreneurship has been passed down from father to son since 1904, and the flame continues to burn today. From Philippe Saurette to Bernard Saurette Jr., Bernard et fils became the company it is today thanks to its history.

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