Bernard & Fils, a family
dedicated to the pleasures
of the table




For our employees, suppliers, customers, community and the environment.



At all levels. Foster collaboration between our employees, with our suppliers and with our customers. An essential element of our longevity.



In our corporate events, carefully selected ingredients, industry-leading facilities, and dedicated customer service.



When it comes to our family identity, our business choices, our culinary creations, and our choice of state-of-the-art equipment that reflect our commitment to the environment.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

In 2018, we restored and converted a disused building located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. This building now houses our kitchens, delivery fleet, and administrative offices. This ultra-modern space, with the most rigorous sanitary standards, reflects our commitment and philosophy focused on respecting the environment and the excellence of our products.

ZERO waste eco-friendly hot plates

Rainwater retention basin

Our building is designed to meet the highest ecological principles and food safety standards.

Plantation of 253 shrubs and 9 trees on our lot

Refrigerated production area

Low-energy smart dry steam cooking appliances

Refrigerated compost room

Social and Environmental Commitment

Helping the world, nature, and people is also part of our identity. Whenever an alternative allows us to reduce our ecological footprint—in terms of packaging or water consumption, for example—we adhere to it, regardless of the cost. Moreover, we are making a positive difference in our community by providing kitchen training and taking part in several local social reintegration and community outreach programs.

Priority to local suppliers

Eco-friendly utensils and meal trays

A plug-in, solar-powered refrigerated truck

Key Dates

  • 1904 Start of Saurette et fils, grocery store, general store.
  • 1955 Conversion of the business into Salaison Bernard.
  • 1980 Conversion of the business into a specialized butcher’s shop.
  • 1997 Last conversion: the start of Bernard & fils Traiteur.
  • 2018 Construction of our actual state-of-the-art production kitchen.
  • 2020 Start of Philiber Solution Culinaire, our online ready-to-eat division.
  • 2021 Bernard & Fils Traiteur obtains its wholesale license and expands its range of services with large-scale distribution of products.